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Financial problems?

Are you blacklisted?

Do you have a negative credit score?

If you are trying to secure a mobile phone contract, the chances are that you’re continually turned down, no matter what service provider you approach. The reality is, if you have a bad credit rating, or if you have been blacklisted, the chances of securing a regular mobile phone contract are practically zero. And although some providers may entertain your application, they ask for a massive cash deposit before they will provide you with a contract and a new handset.

Debt – a reality of the modern world

Don’t feel embarrassed about your situation. Millions of individuals throughout the United Kingdom find themselves in the same boat, unfortunately. It is a sign of the times – living from paycheck to paycheck has become a reality for many.

And that often precludes them from one of the modern world’s greatest inventions – the mobile phone. A mobile phone is no longer just a way to communicate with others. It has almost become a necessity we cannot do without. Now we are not talking social media or chat applications here, although these are all amazing aspects of a mobile phone.

We are thinking more of the incredible ways a student, or a young businessperson can make use of a phone as a research tool or a mobile office for example. Let’s be honest – mobile phones are a technological wonder.

And a wonder that all should have access to. That is where Apps Phones can help you out with a mobile phone contract, even if you suffer from a bad credit rating, or have been bankrupt previously.

We understand that you are embarrassed that you have been turned down in the past for contracts, but we have helped over 95% of individuals throughout the United Kingdom that have approached us for a mobile phone contract.

How do you secure a mobile phone contract through Apps Phones

Well, the first thing you need to do is simply apply for one. We, together with our suppliers, have made a range of contracts available to you. These include many pricing options as well as a varied set of handsets.

We will help guide you every step of the way through your contract application, providing you with contract options will suit your needs as well as your pocket. Of course, we need to make your monthly repayments, so the contract must be affordable.

What phones do we offer?

As mentioned earlier, we have many different budget smartphones to suit your needs. These budget smartphones, which have arrived on the market over the past few years are just as good as anything Apple or Samsung have to offer. They perhaps do not have as fast processors or as big a memory, but in terms of what they can do for you, they are perfect. They can handle a range of apps, will get you on social media, run chat applications and allow you to set up multiple email accounts.

Of course, we also have iPhones and Galaxies available, but these are not the latest models. They would just cost far too much as a bad credit mobile contract phone. No matter what phone you prefer, should it be an affordable option that suits your needs, we can arrange a contract for you!

Applying for a bad credit mobile phone contract

So now, without a doubt, you are asking how you go about applying for a bad credit mobile contract. Well, it is simple really. You could come into our office and do the application face to face with one of our staff members, or you could even apply online. To complete your application and to help secure the best contract for your unique circumstances, we will require a number of documents.

These include your personal identity document or a certified copy of your passport or even your driver’s licence, proof of your monthly income (wage slips or a letter from your company saying you are employed as well as your monthly salary amount) and proof of where you stay (for example a bank letter showing you pay mortgage or a letter from your landlord if you rent).

Once we have all the relevant information, the application process is both simple and extremely quick. Within a couple of minutes, we will already know the best price band to offer you a contract in. From here, it is up to you to choose the best phone for your needs in contracts that we have offered you.

Should you want a more expensive phone, we can negotiate a contract with a slightly higher monthly fee, but remember, we do need to keep it affordable so you can make your repayments easily each month.

Are there any other benefits?

There certainly are, especially for those with a bad credit rating. By paying off your bad credit cell phone contract without missing a payment you will improve your credit score immediately. In fact, these contracts are a great way to move into a more positive credit rating zone. They can also be used by people just entering the job market to build up a history of credit payments, something that can be difficult to do as many institutions won’t give people without a credit history a loan product of any sort.

No longer do you have to just wish about that beautiful new smartphone. A bad credit mobile phone contract gives you the chance to actually own one. For more information go to http://www.instantmobile.uk/.