To help you make an informed decision when looking at the possibility of taking out a bad credit mobile phone contract, we have prepared a list of frequently asked questions.

These were drawn up together with input from our customer support staff who speak to the general public about a range of topic related to bad credit mobile phones.

If I apply for a phone and you offer me a contract, how long does it take before I get my handset?

Well, the best thing about a bad credit mobile phone contract is that not only is it very easy to apply for, once we have approved you, you can have your phone in a matter of minutes.

Obviously, this depends if you come to our office or not. If you are applying from further afield, we will have to courier your phone to you. This is generally a ‘next day’ service, so you might have to wait up to 24 hours, depending on exactly where in the United Kingdom you live.

I want a Galaxy S7, please. Do you have them available?

Yes, we do along with a range of other handsets from all of the major phone manufacturers on the market today. We also have a range of budget smartphones that can pretty much do all the things an S7 can. Rest assured however, we will only be able to sign you up for a contract with the S7 as your handset if it is financially viable to you and that you can easily make the monthly repayments.

Do you reject contracts?

We have helped around 95% of the people that come to us to try and secure a bad credit mobile phone but obviously, there is still a chance that you could be rejected if we think you cannot afford the monthly repayments. We don’t want to put you under financial stress, causing you to miss repayments and then hurting your credit score even more. Rest assured however, we will do everything we can possibly do to ensure that you stand every chance of getting a mobile phone on a contract basis.

Am I expected to make a deposit when signing up for a contract?

No, if you take the suggested contract package and handset that we offer you, a deposit is not necessary. However, should you qualify for a more expensive smartphone such as an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy S7, we will require you to pay a refundable deposit of half of the contract amount. This will be paid back to you as soon as the contract is over. Its only purpose is to serve as a security measure should you default on paying your contract for your higher priced smartphone.

How long will my contract run for if I am accepted?

Generally, no credit mobile phone contracts run for 24 months. Depending on your financial situation and your disposable income, we might be able to drop this to 18 months in certain situations. Bear in mind, this is only based on your ability to make the higher repayments that would come with an 18-month contract. These payments may be higher, but you will save on interest and the contract will then, in fact, be cheaper than a 24 month one.

Well, that has pretty much covered it then. If you have a question that is not found in our frequently asked questions list, do not hesitate to contact us!