Mobile phone misconceptions

For the past twenty years, mobile phones have been part of the general publicís life. In that time, many stories have been spread regarding a number of aspects of these useful devices. Many of them are simply untrue. Letís take a closer look at some of these misconceptions that you have no doubt heard about.

Always let your battery drain to 0% and your phone switch off as a result

Now when it comes to batteries and mobile phones, there are all weird and wonderful stories floating around. Perhaps the one that we all know however is that you should always let your battery drain totally and once that has happened, start the recharge process.

Not only is this not true, but it can, in fact, damage your phone battery. Many of todayís phones use lithium-ion batteries. Draining them in their entirety is actually not a good thing, not only in terms of their overall life expectancy but also it can lead to them becoming unstable. So instead of having a battery last for two years, they quickly fade and will need replacing.

So how do you charge your phone? Well, it is simple really - whenever you need to! So when your battery is low, or you need to charge your phone when you are going to be away from a plug point for an extended period, just plug it in. No harm done!

Always put on a screen protector over your screen

Back when mobile phones first became popular, this was a definite requirement as screens scratched extremely easily. Now, however, many screens are made from a very heavy-duty glass which does not scratch unless with constant rubbing. That said, if you feel that a screen protector can help, there is no harm in adding one.

Never use your phone on a plane

Remember a time when people would look on in absolute horror when someone would switch on their phone once a passenger plane had landed but had not arrived at the gate yet? The common belief was that the mobile phone operations will mess with critical systems on the aircraft. Now, many airlines actually allow you to use your mobile while in flight while other even allow this during the take-off and landing procedures.

Your mobile will fry your brain

This is an age old myth from the beginning of mobile phones. The idea is that radiation from your mobile phone will end up causing cancer with extended use. After all these years, there is still no proof whatsoever that mobile phones cause any health issues at all. What is known however, is that mobile phones do release radiation but in extremely low doses and certainly not at levels that are considered to be dangerous. If you are still unsure, make use of a hands-free set to put your mind at ease.

More charging lies

Many untruths about mobile phones centre around charging. A number of people who charge their mobile phones overnight actually set an alarm so they can unplug the charger once the phone is fully charged. You simply do not need to do this. Modern mobile phone batteries stop accepting any form of charge once they are full so there is little need to unplug your battery charger once the battery has reached 100%. Other people will tell you horror stories of batteries exploding when someone used their mobile phone while it was charging. Again, these are simply untrue.

These are just some of the more popular misconceptions out there and believe us, there are plenty more.