Where to look for the best bad credit mobile phone deals

No doubt, you found our website because you are interested in securing a bad credit mobile phone contract. We encourage you to do all the research you can about this product, but we are fairly confident that we have the best contracts available in the United Kingdom.

That said, you should always consider the following before you sign for any bad credit mobile phone contract.

Do your homework properly

Start by looking at companies that have an option of a bad credit mobile phone contract. Now pick at least five of these that you believe have good products as well as fairly competitive prices. Take your investigation a little more in-depth as well. See how long these companies have been in business. Obviously, you should choose a more established company as many unscrupulous businesses do exist and will only end up taking you for a ride, something you cannot afford.

Cost of the contract

Now that you have identified a contract that you think will work for you, start to study the fine print. Many companies build hidden costs into a contract and hide it away, cleverly disguised in the fine print that no one ever reads. Also take the time to check things like costs for calls between different networks, costs for calls to landline numbers, how much you will be charged to send a text as well as data charges, especially if you looking at getting a smartphone (which are high data users). Knowing exactly how much texts, voice calls minutes and data you might need per month will make selecting the right contract far easier. A word of warning, steer clear of contract elements that you will never use, for example, extra texts.

Always read everything properly, including the fine print

Unlike many bad credit mobile phone providers, we make sure all our terms and conditions are clear for everyone to see. Not everyone is like us. However, Often, hidden contract costs, penalty clauses for non-payments and other costs are hidden in the terms and conditions, especially in the fine print sections. Unfortunately, once you have signed this, there is nothing you can do. Donít be like 90% of the population and just sign the first thing put in front of you. Always read the contract thoroughly especially the fine print. In fact, read everything twice. You could even request a copy and read it at your leisure, signing the contract the next day if need be.

Check online reviews

Nobody will give you a clearer indication of how honest a company is than someone who has used them before. Take the time to read online reviews about the companies that you have identified as ones that could possibly supply you with a bad credit mobile phone contract. There are many websites where people can go and make complaints and these are the best places to start your research.

By following these basic tips, you can go a long way to securing the right bad credit mobile contract the first time. If you just sign the first contract that is thrust in front of your, chances are there will be tears in your future!